"Our success has many faces! "


   Since its establishment in 1994, SK Properties works successfully, loyal and reliable for its customers. As a fully independent Bulgarian company operating exclusively on the Bulgarian market for 27 years now, we're good enough to meet the expectations of our customers and always strive towards this goal.

   SK Properties is your reliable partner with rich experience and impeccable image, which obliges us every day to work accurately and professionally, to deserve the name and brand that put the property market all these years.

   We rely on teamwork, because we believe that every employee contributes to the development of the company and promoting its good name.


   We believe that honesty repays us with many satisfied customers who have either come back to us, or "work for us", recommending us to new customers.

   We believe that respect between us is a guarantee of success, so each of our team is a full member in the discussion of current business and any creative proposal finds its a good realization.


   We believe that the trust and the integrity to ourselves is a good investment in creating a great working environment and often admires from our customers.


   Our main task is to ensure security and peace to all customers. Experience shows us that take similar steps in their lives, customers are often biased, divided and uncertain, so we with patience, good attitude and professionalism place focus on their needs and problems. Our team of professionals ready to answer all your questions will be discussed calmly and objectively the parameters of individual tasks and the particular circumstances of the transaction properly will find a good solution. The question is:


Why SK Properties?


   One of the most important things in life and business is not just be informed, but accurately and adequately informed. Important and difficult it is to be chosen the right partner to entrust your interests, so as a first step check the records of our branch organization NSF / National Association of Real Estate / agent with whom you choose to work with. We know that the image of "broker" is not good enough, even in many cases reaches a byword, so we try to keep all professional and ethical standards consistent with European practice to clear the name of the doubt and negative attitude. We guarantee our customers. In this regard rely legislative state to stand on our side with the adoption of arrangements for the practice of our profession.


Why we are your right choice?


    Since 2003,"SK Properties" is a partner in only inherently Association of the territory of Bulgaria "Consortium PROPERTIES GROUP BULGARIA" LTD. The consortium was created and registered to respond to the economic situation in order to:


  • full inclusion of the real estate market in the country, and optimize work with domestic and foreign corporate clients;
  • investment,researching markets and areas;
  •  construction and renovations on the property;
  • consultancy and commercial representation of Bulgarian and foreign physical and juridical persons;
  • brokerage and agency;
  • assessments of property, plant and equipment, agricultural land and entire enterprises.


   The "Consortium PROPERTIES GROUP BULGARIA" partners are 14 established and active market for over 10 years real estate companies. We have 14 offices operating in Veliko Tarnovo, Sofia, Gabrovo, Sliven, Shumen, Pleven, Ruse, Dobrich, Plovdiv, Bourgas, Stara. Zagora and Balchik.
    At present the consortium work 68 brokers and 73 appraisers of real estate, plant and agricultural lands. To ensure the provision of legal transactions in the cities attracted more than 45 lawyers.

The total number of offers which operates THE CONSORTIUM IS OVER 6500!


EVERYTHING that we created by hard work and fair treatment is for you, our current and future customers!